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aVenture helps you raise money from investors on our platform while streamlining your admin operations.

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Increase your AUM

The aVenture platform can help you manage more assets with less effort by connecting you with both private and public investors.

Total Value of AUM (Trillions) in U.S. Venture Capital and U.S. Open-Ended Equity Funds

Sources: Investment Company Institute, 2020. National Venture Capital Association, 2020. AUM is defined as the combined assets under management for all related funds in the United States. All investing involves risk, and past performance does not ensure future results.

Ongoing Fund = More Investors

Take your fund to the next level with a structure similar to registered equity funds with 58x more capital invested than traditional VC.

All-in-one fund management

So you can focus on getting the best deals

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Frequently asked questions

I already manage a private fund. How can aVenture help me?

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  • aVenture can increase your fund’s exposure to new investors, increasing your total assets under management. When your fund gets listed on aVenture it will be showcased to users on the platform who can invest directly into your fund.

  • We help you manage your fund operations by streamlining admin tasks. This includes automating investor communications / updates, accounting / transaction processing, and legal formation / upkeep.

  • aVenture provides ongoing potential liquidity for your investors. Our internal valuation team will make sure that you, your investors, and everyone on the platform will be getting the fairest deals and allows for redemption requests on an ongoing basis for your investors.

How is aVenture different from AngelList and similar options?

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  • Unlike AngelList, aVenture helps you open up your fund to public and private investors. Because the fund is ongoing, your fund can grow much larger over time, and you can focus your time on finding new deals and not have to worry about the ongoing work of launching new funds every few months.

  • aVenture supports periodic liquidity/redemption requests for your fund investors, which can be more attractive for certain retail, individual, and institutional investors that feel more comfortable investing larger amounts with the knowledge they can potentially withdrawal from the fund later. Our team provides enhanced valuation services of the portfolio companies and calculates NAV on an ongoing basis on your behalf.

  • Our platform protects investors and fund managers by performing investor identification and qualification checks (including compliance with anti-money laundering and OFAC controls), funds transfers, accounting, reporting, legal formations, and streamlined investor/fund updates.

How do I launch a fund on aVenture?

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  • Enter your email on our landing page and identify yourself as a fund manager.

  • Someone from our team will reach out to continue the diligence and onboarding process. Please be prepared to answer questions about your investment approach and have prior data on your funds performance.

  • Once approved, we will assist you with the entire process of launching a public fund on aVenture.

Do I need to be experienced managing assets for others to be a fund manager?

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aVenture does extensive diligence on the fund managers we allow on our platform. We’re currently only accepting experienced fund managers, but hope to offer training and education resources for new and emerging managers in the future.

If you currently or previously managed an angel, venture, or other private equity fund/portfolio for yourself or others, you may have the qualifications necessary to manage a fund on our platform. To begin, have a list of your portfolio acquisition history ready for our team to begin due diligence on your investment record.

I have other questions. Who can I contact?

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Reach out to our team directly and we’d be glad to help. You can reach us via email by sending a message to team@aventure.vc.

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